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Neighborhood Watch Band – Our Story

The story of the Neighborhood Watch Band is one that is almost too good to be true. Four friends living within a quarter mile of each other in the same neighborhood, each with a talent they could share to create some incredible music. And it all started at a Christmas party…

In December of 2012 Ryan and I (Tony) were talking music at a friend’s Christmas party when he mentioned he had bought a drum kit and wanted me to show him some simple beats. I knew Ryan was a guitar player, heavily into the blues, and had a great singing voice. I hadn’t picked up the sticks in years, but I agreed. Ryan had been trading licks with Tim, his next-door neighbor, who had years of experience playing guitar in bands in Newport and Boston. The three of us knocked around some tunes by Oasis and U2 in Ryan’s basement. We liked what we heard, but realized a bass player was needed if we wanted to capture the sound we were looking for.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013. Ryan’s wife was talking to Adam at a school fair that all of our kids were attending. Our kids had babysat Adam’s kids and they all danced at the same studio. She mentioned our fledgling band and said we were looking for a bass player. That was all Adam needed to hear.

We all shared a love for rock ‘n’ roll, but wanted to play a wide variety of styles from the sixties right up to today. After months of practice we decided to throw a neighborhood party and play for our friends in Tim’s backyard. And that was the moment…

We knew we had something special and needed to move forward with it. Our first official “gig” was at Zen Bar in Plainville in December of 2013. Our friends packed the bar that night and have continued their tremendous support to this day. Since then we’ve played all over Connecticut, from Toad’s Place to the Durham Fair.

It’s been an amazing time since that Christmas party. We’ve made many new friends and played some great venues. But it all started in our neighborhood with the support of our families and friends. Today we look forward to the new friends we will meet, the new venues we will play, and the great rock ‘n’ roll we will continue to make here as a the Neighborhood Watch Band.

Check out our upcoming events and contact us to discuss playing for your party or at your venue in Connecticut.

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